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Parish Consultations

Our office is dedicated to helping and supporting church parishes develop a variety of approaches to relate to, welcome, minister with, and involve young people in the Catholic Church. Regardless of the number of youth involved (small or large) or the experience in youth ministry (novice or veteran), our office provides services which may prove helpful to your parish, such as:


How does each parish “start” youth ministry? 
How do we set goals for our work with youth? 

Services are available to:

  • Lead discussions on hopes and goals for youth ministry
  • Needs assessment of youth; process for implementing youth programming
  • Structural organization
  • Job descriptions for coordinators and program leaders
  • Hints on hiring youth ministry coordinators
  • Volunteer recruitment strategies


“I need help on finding a speaker for…” – “Where are retreat places…?” – “Where can I find…?” Referral topics: Fundraising, Retreat models, Retreat sites, Guest speakers, Crisis management, Programming ideas, Icebreakers, Prayer resources, Articles/books.


With volunteer, adults, youth, leadership, etc. As dictated by need of parish.


For parishes who want an outside party to facilitate a process of identifying strengths/concerns of current efforts and goals for future ministry efforts.