The Catholic Youth & Young Adult Ministry Office, through Catholic Mutual Group, is pleased to offer your youth a simple and affordable accident insurance program. The coverage is required for youth participating in CYO athletic leagues and encouraged for any sponsored-program held off parish property.  The coverage is secondary, meaning that one must go first through their personal health insurance.  If a person has no health insurance, then the coverage is primary.  Please consult Catholic Mutual for information pertaining to the limits in coverage for your individual parish and why this insurance is a must for your youth group members.

Who can participate in this program?

Any youth involved in CYO programs and registered with his or her parish CYO.

How much does it cost?

The annual premium is $5.00 per person, per year (no refunds, not prorated)

What is the length of the policy?

Policies extend July 1st through June 30th every year (follows the fiscal year). Regardless of the date the policy is activated during the fiscal year, the policy terminates on June 30 of that fiscal year.

Example: If you insure a youth on December 10, 2019, the policy on that youth will terminate June 30, 2020.

How do I participate in the insurance program?

Parish-appointed youth ministers must contact our office to establish a personal account, which provides access to management of Insurance and other office-related programs and event registrations that require authorized access. If you have an existing account, you may login using the tab located in the upper-right of this website. After login, please select 'Manage Insurance'. 

Reinsuring Process

The last two weeks of each fiscal year (the two weeks leading up to June 30) will be an open enrollment window with full access to manage your insurance account. During this time we encourage you to "clean out' your insurance account in preparation for the upcoming fiscal year. This includes deleting inactive members, correcting inaccurate information, and adding records for new members. The insurance system will be inaccessible 2 complete business days leading up to July 1 for invoice preparation. Invoices will be mailed to youth ministers to the address on file. Your invoice will include insurance premiums for each record in your account as of the close of your account for invoice preparation. Accounts will be accessible beginning July 1 for future additions (additions ONLY, not editing or deleting). Please contact our office for further clarification on the reinsuring process. This process is addressed in detail each year at the Youth Minister Forum (usually held in mid August)

Credit/Debit System

A credit/debit system is available. Through this system you are able to credit a lump payment to your account and have premiums debited as new insurance policies are activated on youth participants throughout the year. For example, at the beginning of the fiscal year your account requires payment for 10 policies, totaling $50.00. If you credit $75.00 to your account, you are covering payment for 10 policies, but also placing a $25.00 credit on your account for a future 5 policy additions. Credits do not carry over to the next fiscal year and must be utilized completely before June 30 of any given year to avoid loss of credits to your account.

Important Notes

Premium payment(s) must be received before insurance coverage becomes active. Invoices are only mailed at the beginning of each fiscal year (beginning of July) after the reinsuring process, not as individual entries are added.

All youth participating in archdiocesan athletic leagues MUST be covered by the Catholic Mutual CYO Insurance Program. Insurance is strongly encouraged for all persons participating in any activity sponsored by the parish or archdiocese.

There is a $50.00 minimum per credit card transaction for insurance. We have established the above-mentioned insurance credit/debit system to minimize the frequency of credit card transactions for newly-added policies.