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Mission & Goals


  • The CYO/Youth & Young Adult Ministry Office of the Archdiocese of New Orleans is called to respect and minister to the young Catholic Church of today by seeking to nurture and develop its faith life.
  • Our office exists to train and form competent adult leadership to further the mission of the Church with youth and young adults.  We do this by providing consultation, expertise, strategies and resources.
  • Our model for this ministry is Jesus, who prepared, trained and sent His disciples for their mission in the world (cf. Matt. 28:19).  Our office empowers adults to promote active Christian discipleship and growth in Catholic identity.


  • To foster quality youth and young adult ministry in Catholic parishes, schools, and college campus ministries.
  • To gather the local young church as an experience of being the living Body of Christ in communion with our shepherd, the archbishop
  • To form and nurture youth and young adults as leaders in the Church for the present and future
  • To continue our efforts as a part of the Department of Christian Formation, and to collaborate with other diocesan offices and outside agencies and institutions
  • To be a leading advocate for youth and young adults in the Catholic Church and society, assuring that their voices are heard.