Young Adult Ministry

Ministry to and with Catholic young adults, ages 21-35, is another responsibility of the office in coordination with a Young Adult Council consisting of interested men and women; single, married, and religious; from all cultural groups in the Archdiocese.  Programs are offered to build community life, further faith formation, offer service/social justice opportunities, and leadership development.  Some examples include Christ in the City, days of reflection and retreats, and Theology on Tap, a speaker series set in local bars and restaurants and held four times a year for four weeks at a time.

Catholic Young Adult Ministry began as a formal outreach in the United States with the landmark document from the U.S. bishops, Sons and Daughters of the Light. This important blueprint outlines four goals:

  1. Forming disciples of Jesus Christ
  2. Inviting involvement in the faith, work, and mission of the Church
  3. Transforming the world through service and justice
  4. Connecting young adults with a peer community.

In programming within these goals, young adults are encouraged to plan and implement their own ministry opportunities. In other words, young adult ministry is best done by and with young adults.

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