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Teen C.R.O.S.S.

This  group  functions  as the  Archdiocesan Youth Council and is made up of representatives of parish youth ministry programs and the Catholic high schools. They work to communicate the needs and interests of youth in the Archdiocese, learn valuable leadership skills for ministry and life in general, and assist in planning the local World Youth Day and other youth events.

A packet with the qualifications for joining, and registration details, is sent to all youth ministers and Catholic high schools in the area. 


Teen CROSS exists to:

  • Further develop the gifts and leadership skills of youth
  • Improve communication between schools & parishes of the Archdiocese of New Orleans and the CYO/Youth Ministry Office
  • Assist and lead ministry efforts with, and to, the (young) Church of the Archdiocese through planning and implementing archdiocese-wide youth event
  • Represent the ideas and concerns of the young Church to the Archdiocese

Teen CROSS provides different services to the Catholic Youth Ministry Community:

  • Further outreach to Catholic Youth
  • Encourage faith development among young people
  • Respond to youth-at-risk issues
  • Serve the (civic) community (these tasks include involvement in annual events such as World Youth Day, Abbey Youth Fest, Hofinger Conference, and the Youth Revival)


Teen CROSS is made up of 2 persons (preferably sophomores and juniors in high school) from parishes and Catholic high schools across the Archdiocese.  It is recommended that no one who has been appointed for two years by their parish/school be appointed for a third term. The CYO/Youth Ministry Office may add “at-large” members.


Adult youth ministry coordinators from parishes and schools recommend (via letter) the young people.  This takes place in early spring (March- April.)  The CYO/Youth Ministry Office also makes selections of "at-large" members during this time.

Qualities/Abilities Sought

  • Person of FAITH; witness to Catholic Christian lifestyle
  • Willing to work (speak their opinion, spend time --during meetings and between meetings--on assigned tasks, communicate progress and problems
  • Leadership ability (planning skills, communication skills, work with groups, responsible/dependable, organized
  • Active in local (parish/school) youth ministry efforts
  • High school student (ideally completing 9th or 10th grade when the term begins in May, but those completing 8th or 11th grades will be considered)

Length of Commitment

Members are asked to serve a one-year term (May to April).  Renewable terms are an option after review with the Teen CROSS member, local adult youth minister and the CYO/Youth Ministry Office.  We discourage nominating anyone who has previously served for two years.

There will be monthly general Teen CROSS meetings each year.  At least one of the general meetings is an overnight retreat.  Additional committee meetings may be necessary.  World Youth Day and Abbey Youth Fest are mandatory commitments.  Members will be asked to sign-up to help at the Hofinger Conference.


  • Serve as a Christian example to youth and adults
  • Remain active in local (parish/school) youth ministry setting
  • Communicate information and needs to/from local setting and CYO/Youth Ministry Office
  • Attend all Teen CROSS meetings
  • Assist with various CYO Youth Ministry events (World Youth Day, Leadership Celebration, etc.)
  • Assist with Teen CROSS goals and projects

Supervision and Support

The CYO/Youth Ministry Office, the Office of Religious Education, and appointed adult mentors give support and supervision.  Final accountability lies with the director of the CYO/Youth Ministry Office.  (Items such as vacancies and removal from Teen CROSS will be handled on an individual basis.


  • Opportunity to share faith, ministry, prayer, and friendship with youth from across the Archdiocese of New Orleans.
  • An active voice in youth ministry.
  • On-going leadership development
  • Learn more about youth ministry at archdiocesan, regional, and national levels