National Evangelization Team

N.E.T. serves throughout United States and also in Canada and Australia. The young men and women who comprise each team are dedicated and faith-filled, with a deep desire to serve within the Catholic Church. N.E.T. is equipped to offer 6 different models of retreats for purposes of enhancing the self-esteem of each individual retreatant through their awareness of God’s unconditional love and acceptance of them; to enhance the faith life of each retreatant leading them to a place of desiring to make a personal faith commitment to Jesus Christ; and, to offer the faith of the team members as a witness that faith in God is desirable, acceptable and exciting. N.E.T. will be in New Orleans between the dates of April 2 - 18, 2019

For more information, fees and schedules, contact CYO Youth & Young Adult Ministry Office, Terry Saucier Fricano 504-227-3221.