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Award Nomination Forms

Click here to download nomination forms for Leadership Celebration awards. Note that revised forms will be made available annually based on the date specified in the Calendar or Schedule of Programs.

Leadership Celebration


Through this annual event, a prayer service and awards ceremont at St. Louis Cathedral, the Archbishop of New Orleans and our office recognizes the outstanding youth in local parishes. This celebration allows the young church of New Orleans to celebrate its accomplishments of the past year and look ahead to future opportunities to minister together. Adult service awards, for adults involved in youth ministry for five years or more, are also part of this event. Packets are mailed to youth ministers in early spring for nominations.

Ray Mock Memorial Award

Mr. Ray Mock spent most of his adult life working among young people.  As a teacher, coach, official at thousands of athletic contests and as director of the CYO for 27 years, his own dominating interest was the wholesome development of all youth according to their highest Christian principles.

The Catholic Youth Organization of the Archdiocese of New Orleans strongly feels two things about Ray Mock and his lifelong dedication of youth.  First, that his contribution to the youth of the Greater New Orleans area was far more than only to members of the Catholic Youth Organization: it was to all youth of the area regardless of race or creed.  Secondly, what he did for these young people should be remembered in some permanent way.  For these reasons the CYO has established the Ray Mock Memorial Award, to be presented annually to the man or woman, regardless of race, creed or color, who has made a significant contribution to the youth of the Archdiocese of New Orleans.

1972 - Mr. Ellis P. LaBorde
1973 - Mr. James E. Fitzmorris, Jr.
1974 - Most Rev. Philip M. Hannan
1975 - Mr. John DeFuentes; Mr. Felix Chetta
1976 - Rev. Msgr. Patrick J. Quinn; Rev. Msgr. Arthur T. Screen
1977 - Rev. William M. McCallion
1978 - Mr. & Mrs. John Dalton
1979 - Mrs. Vernon Weiss
1980 - Mr. Eldon Durand
1981 - Mr. William Rappold
1982 - Mrs. Dolores Bertrand
1983 - Miss Florence Kane
1984 - Rev. Msgr. Preston J. Marquette
1985 - Mr. & Mrs. William Schule
1986 - Mr. & Mrs. Louis Champagne
1987 - Mr. William (Bill) Steen
1988 - Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Higgins
1989 - Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Matherne
1990 - Rev. Msgr. Francis G. Boeshans; Rev. Msgr. Gerard W. Poche
1991 - Mr. Wayne Lobell
1992 - Mr. Kenneth Hassinger
1993 - Mr. Terry Manieri
1994 - Mr. Matthew E. Hill
1995 - Mr. Barry Tyler
1996 - Mr. Louis Reed
1997 - Mrs. Audriana Quintana
1998 - Mrs. Nedra Cassard
1999 - Mr. & Mrs. Larry Flad, Jr.
2000 - Mr. Steve Bruno
2001 - Mr. Sid  Zeringue
2002 - Ms Denise Theriot
2003 - Mr. & Mrs. Sal Bertucci
2004 - Ms. Elizabeth Ann Joubert; Mr. Vincent Guider   
2005 - Mrs. Janet Guillory
2006 - Mrs. Jacquelyn Daniels; Mr. Armand Bertin
2007 - Mr. Duong “Frank” Bui; Mrs. Lynn Ekstrom
2008 - Mrs. Marilyn Meyn; Rev. John Arnone
2009 - Mrs. Barbara Link; Mrs. Brenda Bocage   
2010 - Mrs. Cecilia Matherne
2011 - Mrs. Janeen Rodrige
2012 - Ms. Andrea McBride Bocage; Sr. Ann Marie Kim-Khuong, FMSR
2013 - Mr. Remy Jones
2014 - Mr. Floyd Bonneval
2015 - Mrs. Bennetta Cannon Horne; Brother Gerald Meegan, SDB
2016 - Mr. John Smestad, Jr.
2017 - Mrs. Michelle Seghers
2018 - Mr. & Mrs. Chris Baglow

St. Timothy Award

The St. Timothy Award is the highest award the Archdiocese of New Orleans can bestow upon a young person. This is a national award which seeks to recognize, from the Diocesan level, outstanding youth who exemplify Christian service, Catholic leadership and good moral standards.  The youth who receive this award are not only outstanding in their church parish, but also in the larger archdiocesan community.  These individuals have displayed high ideals and have grown spiritually while offering their time and talents in the service of the church parish and the community at large.

Those youth from throughout the Archdiocese who merit the St. Timothy Award will receive it at the annual Leadership Celebration. A young person can receive the St. Timothy Award only once. The requirements are as follows:

  • The candidate must be at least in his or her senior year of high school.
  • The upper age limit for this award is 19 years. He or she must be in good standing in the community, in school and in the church parish.
  • He or she must exemplify the threefold purpose of the award - good moral values, Christian service, and Catholic leadership - to a degree to be worthy of Diocesan recognition.
  • He or she has been involved in parish, diocesan, school, and community youth programs or services during his or her high school years.

Christopher Arroyo - Our Lady of Lourdes, Slidell
Bradley Bouton- Mary, Queen of Peace
Halle Briede - St. Francis Xavier
Anna Katherine Broussard - St. Anselm
Michael Delesdernier - St. Angela Merici
Emma Duckworth - St. Benilde
Ryan Guillot - St. Catherine of Siena
Travis Himel - Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Belle Chasse
Lucy Hood - St. Dominic
Amber Lupo- Our Lady of Lourdes, Slidell
Kenneth Morris - St. Anselm
Tanner Olsen - Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Belle Chasse
Katie Pomes - St. Christopher the Martyr
Mia Robertson - St. Raymond/St. Leo
Jake Theriot - St. Clement of Rome 

Hailey Caminita - St. Charles Borromeo
Kaitlin Daily - Holy Name of Jesus
Alex Hassinger - St. Angela Merici
Sarah Hassinger - St. Dominic
Reagan Hightower- Mary,Queen of Peace
Teresa LaCour, St. Clement of Rome
Adam Landrieu - St. Dominic
Les Levy, Jr. - St. Clement of Rome
Dominic Lincole, Our Laddy of Perpetual Help, Belle Chasse
Elden Patrick Newburger, St. Francis Xavier
Ryan O'Rourke - St. Christopher the Martyr
Trenton Pittman - St. Peter, Covington
Olivia Thompson - St. Matthew the Apostle
Joey Troia - Most Holy Trinity

Regina Lowe - St. Angela Merici
Shelby Burkholder - St. Benilde
Asia Satcher - St. Mary of the Angels
Ariel Aguilar - Visitation of Our Lady
Jenna Cambias - St. Matthew the Apostle
Abby Ponthier - St. Andrew the Apostle
Angele Guidrey - St. Martha
Katherine Rose - St. Mary Magdalen
Nicholas Judge - St. Benilde
Mary Grace Kelly - Our Lady of Lourdes, Slidell
Mia Reed-St. Maria Goretti
Alisse Guerra - St. Dominic
Jillian Wohlegemuth - St. Christopher
Dylan Allen - St. Jane de Chantal
Malik Gibson - St. Peter Claver
Abigail Olsen - Our Lady of Perpetual Help, belle Chasse

Noella Balint, St. Pius X
Abbey Hollingsworth, St. Petr, Covington
Caroline Papa - St. John of the Cross
Andrew Benfaatti - St. John of the Cross
Jackson Loup - St. Jane de Chantal
Victoris Sawyer - St. Maria Goretti
Garrett Boyd - Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Belle Chasse
Mason Pearcy - Our Lady of Lourdes, Slidell
Nicholas Tamplain - Ascension of Our Lord, Laplace
Evan Young - Mary Queen of Peace
Megan Henshaw - St. Peter, Covington
Connor Ackerman - Holy Family, Franklinton
Amanda Aubry - St. Raymond/St. Leo
Megan LaCour - Divine Mercy
Patrick LaCour - St. Clement of Rome
Nolan Lambeert, Jr - St. Dominic
Renee Junot - St. Andrew the Aposotle 


Ka'Cell El-Mansura - St. Mary of the Angels

Sarah Chester - Sacred Heart of Jesus, Norco

Jessica Ragas - Most Holy Trinity

Matthew Cheramie - Holy Family, Luling

Joelle Lorenzo - St. Rita, Harahan

Julia Delesdernier - St. Angela Merici

Reuben Hogan - St. Joseph the Worker

Ashley Bran - Holy Guardian Angels Mission

Michael Morton - Ascension of Our Lord

Cydni Ward - St. Joseph the Worker

Gillen Briede - St. Francis Xavier

Roy Messina - St. Andrew the Apostle

Scott Cabes, Jr. - St. Dominic

John Guerra - St. Pius X

Samantha Eshleman - St. Benilde

David Miranda - St. Clement of Rome

Rosemary Jones - St. Maria Goretti

Brad Giacone - Divine Mercy

Bonnie Dupre – Divine Mercy
Katie Drez – St. Angela Merici
Kerstin Augillard,- St. Paul the Apostle
Katherine Hymel,- Holy Family
Reid Frances, St. Peter
Courtney Mesman,- St. Mary Magdalen
Megan Schmidt,- St Charles Borromeo
Lauren Landry – Blessed Sacrament/St. Joan of Arc
Peyton Palermo – St. Dominic
Marissa Ramsey – Divine Mercy
Devin Camese – St. Joseph the Worker
Abbey Hotard – St. Matthew the Apostle
Keeyan David – St. Joseph the Worker
Alex Gasser – St. Dominic
Joshua Bartholomew – Blessed Sacrament/St. Joan of Arc
Elizabeth Steen – St. Angela Merici

Jason Britsch – St. Rita
Jean Dever – Divine Mercy
Nicole Delesdernier – St. Angela Merici
Daniel Gruner – St. Peter, Covington
Madeline Janney – St. Philip Neri
Bradley Jouty – St. Joan of Arc, Laplace
Emily Koehler – St. Edward the Confessor
Emily Laurent – Ascension of Our Lord Clare Messina – St. Andrew
Olivia Naquin – St. Charles Borromeo
Thomas Nash – St. Peter Claver
Peter Newton - St. Luke
Erica Reed – St. Raymond/St. Leo
Jacquelyn Saunee – St. Angela Merici
Nicole Thonn – St. Luke
Lauren Westholz – St. Benilde

Lauren Allen – St. Jane de Chantel
Amelia Benefatti – St. John of the Cross
Helen Bloodworth – St. Joseph the Worker
Christine Carmen – Sacred Heart of Jesus, Norco
Rebecca Dahl – Divine Mercy
Michael Gervais – St. Angela Merici
Ajani Gibson – St. Peter Claver
Glenn Gilyot, Jr. – St. Maria Goretti
Bradley Hollingsworth – St. John of the Cross 
Kyle Houston – St. Peter Claver
Katie Hymel – St. Charles Borromeo
Alexis Moliere – St. Joseph the Worker
Ben Sanchez – St. Joan of Arc
Emma Stieffel – St. Dominic
Molly Strain – St. Dominic
Devon Watts – St. Peter Claver
Ellen Yokum – St. Andrew the Apostle

Travis Caballero - St. Christopher
Sean Bramley – St. Luke
Karlette Sullivan – St. Joseph the Worker
Sydney Smith – St. Dominic
Tyler Loga – St. Andrew
Kelsey Bradbury – St. Mary Magdalen
Madelyn Westholz – St. Benilde
Amanda Bieganowski – St. Benilde 
Alexander Wolff – St. Angela Merici
Bryan Cooper – St. Joseph the Worker
Kaitlyn Loyacano – St. Jane de Chantel
Surgeon Troost – Divine Mercy
Gabrielle Aubry – St. Raymond / St. Leo
Felicia Boucree –St. Peter Claver
Jailin Wells – St. Peter Claver
Julia Quebedeaux – Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Martin Aucoine – St. Matthew the Apostle
Gabrielle Freels – St. Peter Claver
Christopher Heneghan – St. Clement of Rome
Stephen Merritt – St. Andrew the Apostle
Olivia Lynn Bourgeois – St. Martha
Caroline Schulin – St. Dominic  
Jared Rodrigue – St. Charles Borromeo 
Erin Williams – St. Raymond/St. Leo the Great
Justin Perry – St. Catherine of Siena
Joanthan Coote – St. Benilde
Christopher Keys – St. Maria Goretti
Brittany Puyau – St. Cletus
Melissa White – St. Charles Borromeo
Christopher Lazarine- St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Sarah Denny – St. Benilde
Jonathan Hodge – St. Andrew
Candace Rodriguez – St. Dominic
Daniel Quebedeaux – Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Elizabeth Fall – St. Matthew
Alecia Bloodworth – St. Joseph the Worker 
Marcy Champage – St. Clement of Rome
Danzel Square – St. Augustine
Sarah Ault – St. Matthew
Caitlin Switzer – St. Dominic
Lauren Trigo – St. Charles Borromeo
Lauren Scullin – St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Melissa Failla, St. Ann
Kirbye Sullivan, St. Joseph the Worker
Jeffrey Schott, St. Dominic 
Erin Hulin, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Benjamin Key, Our Lady of Divine Providence


Emily Benfatti, St. John of the Cross
Katlyn Patterson, St. Charles Borromeo
Lauren Dubuc, St. Matthew, River Ridge
Sarah Ripple, St. Dominic, New Orleans 
Kimberly Vinci, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Jeremy McMullin, Our Lady of Divine Providence
Stephen Gardebled, Mary Queen of Peace
Christopher Ragus, St. Cletus

Andrew Watley, Blessed Francis Seelos
Ashley Meyn, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Christian Rodriguez, St. Dominic
Beth Palmisano, St. Rita, Harahan
Robert Lazarine, Jr. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Courtney Lambert, St. Dominic 
Donald Jones, Jr. St. Philip the Apostle
Brittany Huguet, Mary Queen of Peace
Jennifer Campbell, St. Francis de Sales
Jared Alfred, St. John of the Cross
Brandi Bradley, St. Charles Borroemo

Jeremy Smith, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, B.C.
Eric Kennedy, Holy Family, Franklinton
Robin Hotard, St. Matthew the Apostle
Brandi Ferrer, Our Lady of Lourdes, Violet 
Tiffani Shuman, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Amy Schulin, St. Dominic
Daniel Green, St. Philip the Apostle
Amanda Thomas, St. Matthew the Apostle

Maggie Frentz, St. Catherine of Siena
Jene Davies, St. Rita, Harahan
Kristen Abbondante, Ascension of Our Lord
Kyle Sanders, St. Edward the Confessor
Rebecca Gibbons, St. Dominic
Brittany Scott, St. Matthew the Apostle 
Claire Pivach, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, B.C.
Paula Ann Henry, St. Joseph the Worker
Adam Schackleton, St. Catherine of Siena
Paul Demma, St. Matthew the Apostle
Jude M. Evans, St. Maria Goretti

Meghan Lobrano, St. Dominic
Nicole Carter, St. Maria Goretti
Travis Clark, St. Mary Magdalen
Elizabeth Brugier, St. Louis King of France
Garrett Fried, Prince of Peace
Shannon O’Flynn, Prince of Peace
Amy Tang, St. Martha 
Jessica Haydel, Mary Queen of Peace
Laura David, St. Anselm
Ryan Torres, St. Charles Borromeo
Timmy McCaffery, Jr. St. Mary Magdalen
Krissy Goldman, St. Andrew the Apostle
Laura Cancienne, Our Lady of the Lake
Matthew Charles, St. Mary Magdalen

Jamie Asher, St. Robert Bellarmine,
Mindy Martin, St. Peter, Reserve,
Rebecca Stansbury, St. Matthew, River Ridge
Bernie DeSantis, St. Catherine of Siena
Kyle Richard, St. Martha
Brett Vanderbrook, Mary Queen of Peace 
Brett Perrier, St. Rita, Harahan,
Sarah Weber, St. Joan of Arc, Laplace
Brittany Brooks, St. Joan of Arc, Laplace,
Rachel McAlister, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Kenner
Chris Gross, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Kenner

Lynnsey Belsome, St. Charles Borromeo
Jason Brauninger, St. Charles Borromeo
David Frantz, St. Rita, Harahan
Amanda Huling, St. Matthew the Apostle
Philip Landry, Our Lady of Perpetual Help 
Stephen Pivach, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, B.C.
Matthew Tortorich, St. Matthew, River Ridge
Heidi Bergeron, St. Charles Borromeo
Christian Boatwright, Holy Guardian Angels

Toni Flad, Our Lady of the Lake
Amy Palmisano, Holy Guardian Angels 
Edwin Sorina, Jr. St. Maria Goretti
Julie Larkin, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, B.C.

Larry M. Flad, Our Lady of the Lake
Shane Mabry, Holy Guardian Angels 
Karen Perronne, St. Matthew the Apostle
Leonard Zanders, Our Lady of Lourdes, N.O.

Cherie Haydel, St. Rita, Harahan
Jamie Landry, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, B.C. 
Jason Tonglet, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, B.C.
Matthew Sharpe, St. Cletus


1995 – Anthony Behan, St. Edward; Sarah Pivach, Our Lady of Perpetual Help
1994 – Tyrell “Ty” Maneri, St. Cletus; Lydia Gambel, St. Catherine of Siena
1993 - Robert Camenzuli, St. Catherine of Siena; Bridget Foss, St. Catherine of Siena
1992 - Thomas Harold, St. Catherine of Siena; Julie Bourgeois, St. Charles Borromeo
1991 - Jeff Lionnet, St. Catherine of Siena; Melanie Bouquet, St. Matthew the Apostle
1990 - Keith Adams, St. Benilde; Jeanette LeCarpentier, St. Rita
1989 - Lee Hicks, St. Christopher ; Kimberly Adams, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, BC
1988 - Chris Arnone, St. Andrew the Apostle; Jennifer Roberts, St. Andrew the Apostle
1987 - Kevin Drawe, St. Benilde; Melinda McCoy, Resurrection of Our Lord
1986 - Joey O’Connor, St. Christopher; Pamela Doskey, Visitation of Our Lady
1985 - Albert Babin, St. Catherine of Siena; Karen Kittrell, St. Andrew the Apostle
1984 - Eddie Rudiger, St. Christopher; Michelle Duhe, St. Rita, Harahan
1983 - Brian Whelan, St. Andrew the Apostle; Jeanne Vedros, St. Anthony, Gretna
1982 - Garth Hernandez, St. Rosalie; Elizabeth Whelan, St. Andrew the Apostle
1981 - Peter Lloyd, St. Agnes; Debbie Young, St. Clement of Rome
1980 - Charles Ferrara, St. Mary Magdalen; Robin LaGrange, St. Rosalie
1979 - Chris Young, St. Rita; Denise Taulli, St. Mary Magdalen
1978 - John Bertucci, St. Mark; Monika Bordes, Annunciation, Bogalusa
1977 - Steve Klimczak, Annunication, Bogalusa; Pamela Rivers, Holy Guardian Angels
1976 - Mike Trahan, St. Francis de Sales, Houma; Lisa LeCompte, St. Francis de Sales, Houma
1975 - Steve Guidry, St. Francis de Sales, Houma; Yvonne Marie Legrand, Our Lady of the Rosary
1974 - Charles Major, Holy Guardian Angels; Penne Oliver, Annunciata, Houma
1973 - Oral J. Orgeron, St. Rosalie; Regina Cavignac, St. Edward the Confessor
1972 - Burke (Jay) Brooks, St. Raphael; Laverne Woods, St. Raymond
1971 - Steve Heffker, Annunciata, Houma; Sheila Brummet, St. Matthew the Apostle
1970 - Billy Steen, St. Dominic; Jo Ellen Bernard, St. Lawrence
1969 - Kenneth Levine, Resurrection of Our Lord; Melanie Thorn, St. Matthew the Apostle
1968 - Louis J. Develle, III, St. Leo the Great; Pam Babin, St. Joseph, Thibodaux
1967 - Gary Barrilleaux, Immaculate Conception, Marrero; Louise Coon, St. Philip Neri
1966 - Wilbert Adams, St. Catherine of Siena;  Susan Folse, St. Dominic
1965 - Ray J. Barrilleaux, St. Agnes; Mary Myrle Hammer, St. Bernadette, Houma
1964 - Henry John Daries, Jr., St. Catherine of Siena; Linda DiMarzio, St. Dominic
1963 - Gerald Thompson, St. Gabriel the Archangel; Cathy Bucher, St. Andrew the Apostle
1962 - Joseph Barocco, St. Rita, Harahan; Linda Ann Bouregois, Our Lady of the Rosary
1961 - Richie Henry Miron, Incarnate Word; Jean Mary Majoue, St. Leo the Great

Matt Hill Award

In an effort to honor Mr. Matthew Hill for his many years of service to the young people of the Archdiocese of New Orleans, the CYO/Youth Ministry Office wishes to recognize outstanding young people in his name.

The Matt Hill Award will be given annually by the Catholic Youth & Young Adult Ministry Office of the Archdiocese of New Orleans to a young man and a young woman who have excelled in the Catholic Youth & Young Adult Ministry Athletic Leagues and also exhibited leadership qualities and a desire to serve others. This is much more than simply an athletic award. The young people who will be honored should be well-rounded members of their church parishes who witness for the gospel by their lives. Specific criteria include:

  • The young person should be 17-19 years old.
  • The young person should have been a member of the nominating church parish for at least 3 years.
  • The young person should have been active in the parish’s youth ministry program during those years.
  • The young person should exhibit leadership qualities not only in the parish but in all aspects of his or her life.
  • The young person should be an example of Christian sportsmanship both on and off the playing field.
  • The young person should exhibit a desire to serve others in the name of Jesus.

A parish may nominate one young man and one young woman each year for this award.

2017- John Virga (St. Benilde), Abby Hassinger (St. Angela Merici)
2016 - Bryce Barbaro (St. Dominic): Amelia Giorlando (St. Angela Merici)
2015 - Chad Nacarri (St. Edward); Molly Sauviac (St. Angela Merici)
2014 - Caroline Welker (St. Dominic); Alex Hassingter (St. Angela Merici)
2013 - No recipient
2012 - Matthew Benoie (St. Matthew); Cecilia Genova (St. Angela Merici)
2011 - Sean Donovan (St. Matthew); Julia Delesdernier (St. Angela Merici)
2010 - Gabriel Singleton (St. Rita, Harahan); Courtney Slugher (St. Maria Goretti)
2009 - Nathan Dean (Divine Mercy, Kenner); Nicole Delesdernier (St. Angela Merici, Metairie)
2008 - Elizabeth Bryars (St. Benilde, Metairie); Christopher Keyes (St. Maria Goretti); Thomas Steen (St. Angela Merici)
2007 - Wyatt Esteves (St. Matthew the Apostle, River Ridge) Tyler Loga (St. Andrew the Apostle)
2006 - Ricky Becnel (Our Lady of Perpetual Help, B.C.); Nicholas Shuman (St. Elizabeth Ann Seton)
2005 - Ben Benedetto (St. Dominic); Lauren Dubuc (St. Matthew)
2004 - Logan Messina (St. Catherine of Siena); Brian Harris (St. Matthew)
2003 - Daniel Hobbs (St. Matthew); Jeremy Smith (Our Lady of Perpetual Help)
2002 - Stephen Dale (St. Mary Magdalen); Donald Midkiff, Jr. (St. Dominic)
2001 - Daren Cressionnie (St. Mary Magdalen); Julie Walker (St. Mary Magdalen)
2000 - Monica Jones (St. Christopher); Trey Picone (St. Matthew the Apostle)
1999 - Philip Landry (Our Lady of Perpetual Help); Michelle Ann Devillier (Our Lady of Perpetual Help)
1998 - Nick Simoneaux (St. Matthew the Apostle); Angela Guggenheimer (St. Matthew the Apostle)
1997 - Sean Landry (Our Lady of Perpetual Help); Dana Devillier (Our Lady of Perpetual Help)
1996 - Vickie Judge (St. Benilde); Jeff Lionnet (St. Catherine of Siena)
1995 - Erica Deitz (St. Charles Borromeo); Paul McCann (St. Catherine of Siena)
1994 - Amy Scott (St. Catherine of Siena); Tommy Canale (St. Christopher)

Blessed Frassati Award

Pier Giorgio Frassati was born in Turin, Italy on April 6, 1901.  As he grew up, Pier Giorgio became involved in lay apostolates and prayer groups including the Marian Sodalaity and the Apostleship of Prayer.  He also obtained permission to received daily Communion (which was rare at that time), and developed a deep spiritual life which he never hesitated to share with his friends.  The Holy Eucharist and the Blessed Virgin were the two poles of his world of prayer.  At the age of 17, in 1918, he joined the error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

St. Vincent de Paul Society and dedicated much of his spare time to serving the sick and the needy, caring for orphans, and assisting the demobilized servicemen returning from World War I. He also joined the Catholic Student Foundation and the organization known as Catholic Action.  What little he did have, Pier Giorgio gave to help the poor, even using his bus fare for charity and then running home to be on time for meals.  His charity did not simply involve giving something to others, but giving completely of himself.  Fondness for the epistles of St. Paul sparked his zeal for fraternal charity, and the fiery sermons of the Renaissance preacher and reformer Girolamo Seavonarola and the writings of St. Catherine impelled him in 1922 to join the Lay Dominicans (Third Order of St. Dominic).  Just before receiving his university degree, Pier Giorgio contracted poliomyelitis, which doctors later speculated he caught from the sick whom he tended.  Neglecting his own health because his grandmother was dying, after six days of terrible suffering Pier Giorgi died at the age of 24 on July 4, 1925.  Pope John Paul II said of him in 1989: "I wanted to pay homage to a young man who was able to witness to Christ with singular effectiveness in this century of ours."

As Blessed Frassati lived as an outstanding witness to the Gospel message as a young adult, the CYO/Youth & Young Adult Ministry Office inaugurated this annual award to recognize those individuals who have made a significant contribution to Young Adult Ministry in the Archdiocese of New Orleans through ministries, apostolates, and outreach that bring young adults of this area into a deeper relationship with Christ and involvement with the Church.

2018-  Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Jouty
2017 - Mr. Johnny Blancher
2016 - Abbot Justin Brown
2015 - Linzi Conners, Dr. Ansel Augustine
2014 - Rev. Emile "Buddy" Noel, Walter Hernandez
2013 - Rev. Anthony Bozeman, S.S.J., Mr. Nicholas Albares
2012 - Kurt Bindewald, Keely Stockman
2011 - Sr. Renee Daigle, MSC, Rev. John Lyndon, OP
2010 - Michelle Seghers, Tiffany Martin
2009 - Vincent Liberto, Lisa McClain, Lynne Dardis Pesce