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Catholic Leadership Institute

Catholic Leadership Institute is based on the nationally recognized CLI Program that has been enabling the young church for over twenty years to become leaders in their parish and high school settings.  While many leadership training opportunities are available through other programs such as student council, CLI is unique in that leadership principles and practice are presented through the lens of Gospel teaching and values.  While this is not a retreat, it involves some of the same community dynamics familiar at adolescent retreats.

The four days of intense learning and training will include:

  • Skills Training in evangelization, communication, peer ministry, event planning, decision-making, commitment and more.
  • Prayer and Worship through youth-planned prayer experiences and liturgies.
  • The opportunity to "learn by doing" where participants become responsible for leading others during the institute.

In their document, Renewing the Vision, the U.S. Bishops name leadership development as one of the eight components of comprehensive youth ministry.  If the church is to have leaders for today and tomorrow, they must be empowered with the servant leadership message of Jesus Christ, a message that is not always how the secular world defines leadership.

The institute is designed for young people completing 8th through 11th grade who may be in leadership roles in the parish or high school in the coming academic year.  Participants should be mature enough to be away from home and committed to the work of CLI.

In addition to the staff, a limited number of adult participants (youth ministers, campus ministers, other official adult advisers) will be accepted.  Parishes and Catholic high schools may send any number of participants.  Registration is limited and will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Stay tuned for CLI 2022 dates and information.

For more information or to ask questions, please contact the office.